How to Acquire from CORCAN

Looking for a fast and easy way to fulfill your procurement needs? For the past 30 years, CORCAN — a Special Operating Agency of the Correctional Service of Canada — has been supplying federal government clients with a full range of products and services.

CORCAN is part of the federal government, so an order from CORCAN is not a purchase, but a transfer of Crown assets between departments. Simply generate a Stores Transfer Order (STO) referencing CORCAN's Stores Transfer Guideline (STG) #E60PQ-050000/001/PQ. Individual Store Transfer Orders (STO) can be issued for any value.

Acquiring from CORCAN saves you time and money, because Treasury Board has given CORCAN preferred supplier status. This means that federal departments and agencies can acquire from CORCAN without following regular tendering/contracting processes.

Chapter 9 of the PWGSC Supply manual states:

9.30.10 Implementation (2010-01-11)

  1. Documentation of procurements from CORCAN will take the form of "Stores Transfer Orders", since these procurements are not contracts within the meaning of the Government Contracts Regulations (GCRs) and the Treasury Board (TB) Contracts Directive. Existing contract and amendment forms must be employed, and will be processed in the normal manner.

CORCAN prides itself on offering customers high-quality, high-value products and services at a fair market price. Acquiring from CORCAN supports a proven rehabilitation program that operates in 39 federal institutions and helps more than 4,000 offenders prepare to return to society and become productive citizens each year.

Tips on Acquiring from CORCAN

  • Acquisitions can be paid for with your government acquisition card (VISA and MasterCard credit cards) will be accepted (except for CSC clients).
  • Payment by Canada for each delivery shall be made by Interdepartmental Settlement Process, as per the Receiver General Manual (Chapter 12).

Call 1-800-267-0354 or visit CORCAN.GC.CA to view our on-line Product Catalogue