Canadian Inventory of Restorative Justice Programs and Services

The Canadian Inventory of Restorative Justice Programs and Services is intended to help victims, offenders and the general public locate programs that teach, advocate, promote, conduct research, provide services or develop/produce resources and provide training related to Restorative Justice (RJ).

The creation of this inventory was in response to frequent and increasing inquiries about where and how to access RJ educational programs and/or services across Canada. In an effort to develop a comprehensive and current inventory, invitations to be part of the inventory were sent to restorative justice practitioners, programs, and academic institutions known to the Restorative Justice Division of the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC). It was also requested that invitation be forwarded to other relevant organisations on CSC's behalf. Those who chose to be part of the inventory were subsequently asked to provide more detailed information including a brief description of the program and/or services provided. 

The inventory is organized by geographic scope, i.e. national, provincial or regional, with further division by categories entitled 'Restorative Justice Programs and Services' and 'Academic Courses and Programs'.  Programs within these categories are listed in alphabetical order. This inventory only includes programs that requested and/or consented to being listed. The information included varies in level of detail based on the responses provided by the respondents.

The 'Restorative Justice Programs and Services' category includes information on programs that offer RJ services that include RJ processes, funding, research, resources, training, workshops, presentations, event planning, program consultation, etc. You will find brief program descriptions, lists of services, target groups information, volunteer and placement opportunities, language in which services are offered, contact information and website links as provided. 

The 'Academic Courses and Programs' category includes information on restorative justice or conflict resolution academic programs and/or courses offered by universities, colleges, and other post-secondary institutions. A brief description of the academic program/course and contact information is included, as provided.

Although the goal of this initiative was to create a fully comprehensive inventory, the information provided is not exhaustive.  If you know of any programs or services that are not included in this inventory, are no longer offered, and/or need to be updated, please send an e-mail to  and include your contact information.  This will assist in a collaborative effort to create an accurate, current, and useful inventory.

Please note that the information and descriptions in the Canadian Inventory of Restorative Justice Programs and Services, as provided by respondents, do not necessarily reflect the Correctional Service of Canada's endorsement of any particular program or service, nor of the views held by the organizations listed.