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Compendium 2000 on Effective Correctional Programming

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The editors are deeply indebted to many individuals and organizations for the advice and assistance provided during the preparation of this Compendium. We are particularly grateful to the many staff of the federal, provincial and territorial correctional departments across Canada, their respective administrators and program deliverers, and to others for providing background material; completing surveys; replying to letters; providing clarification and details; and reviewing and commenting on the various parts of the Compendium.

We are very grateful to Ole Ingstrup, former Commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada, who gave us the wherewithal to begin the research, and to Lucie McClung, current Commissioner, who continued to support the project and see it through to completion. The Government of Canada provided the bulk of the funding for this Compendium. We would also like to thank the following persons for their support and input to the project: Don Demers (British Columbia), Arnold Galet (Alberta), Don Head (Saskatchewan), Greg Graceffo (Manitoba), John Rabeau, and Morris Zbar (Ontario), Louise Pagé (Quebec), Michel Thériault (New Brunswick), Fred Honsberger (Nova Scotia), David O'Brien (Prince Edward Island), Marvin McNutt (Newfoundland), Sharon Hickey (Yukon), John Dillon (Northwest Territories), and Ron McCormick (Territory of Nunavut).

We would also like to thank Herrera Berman Communications for the cover design, Josée Wan-Kam and Sherri McDaniel from Acart Communications for typesetting, and layout services, Translation Services of the Correctional Service of Canada, National Printers for printing, and Cathy Delnef (Le Bon Mot) for editorial services in English and French and adaptation of a mass of contributions. Undoubtedly, we owe many thanks to Cathy for her steadfast and quality assistance throughout the duration of this project. Also, we need to thank the staff of the Research Branch. In particular, Tina Bada, Diane Charron, Colette Cousineau, Nicola Epprecht, Jeffrey Franson, Dean Jones, Joe Mileto, and Kim Vance. Then, there is the staff of the Intergovernmental Affairs Branch who helped to co-ordinate our research efforts with the provinces and territories. Finally, it is important for us to emphasize that this Compendium would not have been possible without the incredible quality of work provided by an exceptional cross-section of contributors.


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