Aboriginal Community Development in Corrections

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CSC is working with Aboriginal communities to develop community programs and deliver corrections to Aboriginal offenders.


  • CSC is working in partnership with Aboriginal communities to develop initiatives, which will better serve the correctional needs of Aboriginal offenders.
  • Aboriginal community developments in corrections include initiatives, such as:
    • Aboriginal Healing Lodges (9 across Canada);
    • Aboriginal Community Residential Facilities (23 across Canada);
    • An Aboriginal Community Reintegration Program (Section 84 of the CCRA); and
    • Transfers of Correctional Services to Aboriginal Communities (5 agreements signed under Section 81 of the CCRA)


  • The Framework on the "Enhanced Role of Aboriginal Communities in Federal Corrections" was approved in March of 1999.
  • In July 2000, Treasury Board approved 18.6M over a 5 year period. The priorities were:
    1. Developing Aboriginal community programs;
    2. Working with partners;
    3. Development of Healing Lodges; and
    4. Development of Sections 81/84 CCRA.
  • Five agreements under Section 81 of the CCRA have been signed and discussions with several other Aboriginal communities have commenced.
  • Section 84 releases are increasing and being utilized on a more consistent basis.


  • CSC will begin focusing its attention on developing non-facility, community-based Agreements under Section 81 of the CCRA;
  • Opportunities for Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal offenders, under Section 84 of the CCRA will be widely promoted;
  • CSC has hired Aboriginal Community Development Officers in each region, to ensure further development in this area.
  • CSC has agreements with National Aboriginal organizations and some regional Aboriginal organizations to work with CSC in accomplishing joint goals to safe and successful Aboriginal offender reintegration.
  • Three national meetings have been held with current and developing Aboriginal healing lodge representatives to further strengthen these services.