National Strategy on Aboriginal Corrections

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The need for CSC to have a comprehensive plan on addressing the over-representation of Aboriginal peoples in federal corrections.


  • Aboriginal peoples account for 2.8% of the Canadian population, however they account for 18% of the incarcerated federal population and in the Prairie Region this level reaches 50-60% in some institutions.
  • In reintegration indicators such as re-offending rates, parole revocations and conditional release, Aboriginal offenders fair less successful overall.
  • The 2001 Speech from the Throne committed the government to reduce the over-incarceration rates of Aboriginal peoples to be consistent with non-Aboriginal peoples in one generation.


  • CSC adopted a National Strategy on Aboriginal Corrections in 1997 to focus concerted attention on Aboriginal programming; Aboriginal employment recruitment; Aboriginal community developments; and Partnerships;
  • Various actions have been taken to put these plans in place and CSC has piloted several Aboriginal-specific programs, services and initiatives throughout the past several years;
  • However, CSC continues to have a current and increasing over-representation of Aboriginal offenders in corrections;
  • A revised National Strategy has been developed for consideration, entitled "Aboriginal Operational Corridors" that takes into consideration much of the current Aboriginal-specific activity and attempts to provide some focus and continuity in an Aboriginal offender's sentence.
  • In addition, CSC is considering a new corporate objective "To demonstrate leadership in contributing to reducing the incarceration rate of Aboriginal offenders".


  • CSC will be developing regional and national implementation plans for the Aboriginal Operational Corridors concept;
  • The Commissioner is re-establishing a new National Aboriginal Advisory Committee; and
  • CSC will be finalizing a revised National Aboriginal Strategy and Action Plan on Aboriginal Peoples and Federal Corrections.