Working Together

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Our hope is to create a network of people that we may dialogue with. We believe that through positive relationships and solid partnerships with the community, CSC will be able to offer Aboriginal offenders better programs and services.

Therefore, we encourage the Aboriginal community in Canada to utilize the full potential of Sections 81 & 84 of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, and to become involved in the correctional process. For Healing Lodges or any other correctional initiative at the community level to be truly effective will require the support and involvement of Aboriginal communities.

The Aboriginal community has suggested there be greater involvement of Elders and Native Liaison Workers in the development and planning of programs delivered to Aboriginal inmates. This is only one example, we'd like to hear more suggestions, opinions, and concerns as we work towards better corrections for Aboriginal people.

We also encourage others from around the World to review our work and provide us with ideas or comments. We would like to hear what you are doing to meet the needs of the Indigenous offender population in your country. How do you think we can improve our services? What has worked for you? What problems have you encountered?

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National Aboriginal Advisory Committee Records of Meetings

Together, we can make a difference!