Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Awareness Week

I am pleased to announce that January 15–21, 2017 is Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Awareness Week!

This year’s theme for the week is CAC, Making an Impact, which highlights the hard work of CAC volunteers working alongside the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) to change lives for the better. This week and throughout the year, I encourage staff to get to know the CAC volunteers they work with and learn how CACs provide our organization with invaluable support and service.

As informed and valued participants in the correctional process, CAC members are responsible for representing the views of the communities in which CSC operates. Close to 400 Canadians are involved with around 80 CACs across Canada, taking on the role of CSC ambassadors in the community. From connecting employers with offenders looking for work, to providing objective advice, to teaching communities about the correctional and criminal justice process, to escorting offenders to support meetings, (and much, much more) CAC members help to change the lives of offenders and contribute to public safety results for Canadians.

Please join me in thanking your local CAC for volunteering their time and energy to help us address offender employment, mental health and the emerging needs of aging offenders, as well as other issues impacting our organization. We sincerely appreciate the tireless efforts, advice, and support provided by CACs across the country. The citizens’ perspective is instrumental for us in fulfilling our mandate and achieving positive public safety results.

I personally thank all staff and volunteers for their valuable service in improving the lives of offenders and contributing to public safety results for Canadians.


Don Head
Commissioner, Correctional Service of Canada