Top 10 Reasons to Join CSC’s Team

  1. As an employee of the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), you will make a true difference in people's lives. We Change Lives every day, Protecting Canadians in the greater communities we serve.
  2. CSC is a people organization (Let's Talk - Winter 2012). There is a lot of teamwork. We have an incredibly wide variety of professions to choose from. (Go to our Job Profiles to see some of the career choices we offer. Visit to see what is available right now.)
  3. CSC supports professional growth. We offer career development opportunities and we believe in continuous learning throughout your career. We also have a Leadership Development Program for high-performing employees who show senior management potential.
  4. CSC has jobs from coast to coast. We have over 53 Institutions, 92 Parole Offices, and 16 Correctional Community Centres. Depending on your interests and skills, you can work in an institution, in the community, or at our regional or national headquarters.
  5. CSC provides world-class, evidence-based correctional programs to offenders (e.g. substance abuse, violence prevention). These are proven to help address the behaviours that contribute to criminality.
  6. CSC's approach to corrections and rehabilitation is a model that is emulated around the world. We work with countries that need help to stabilize or rebuild their correctional systems. Most recently we have done work in Haiti and Afghanistan.
  7. CSC works in partnership with public and private organizations involved in criminal justice, particularly in community corrections.
  8. Each of our institutions has a Citizen Advisory Committee. These are made up of local community members who help provide impartial advice and recommendations on our operations.
  9. CSC is an inclusive workforce, committed to having a skilled, diverse workforce that is reflective of Canadian society. CSC has both national and regional Ethnocultural Advisory Committees. These committees provide advice on programs and services for the reintegration of Ethnocultural offenders to the community.
  10. CSC offers competitive salaries and comprehensive employee benefits. Employees may opt to retire at age 50 if they have at least 10 years of operational service and elect to buy into the operational pension provision with additional contributions.