CORCAN Community Employment

In addition to the 103 shops that we operate within CSC's federal institutions, CORCAN also manages three sites in the community. Offenders on parole and work release are given the opportunity to work at these sites, gaining valuable employment and employability skills training as they integrate back into the community.

Community Industries
Moncton, New Brunswick

In 1989, CORCAN opened a woodworking shop in Moncton, New Brunswick to provide offenders on conditional release in the community with the opportunity to gain training and work experience in shipping and inventory management.

Today, it is a high-performing wood shop and warehouse facility, employing up to 20 offenders on work release or parole who work in the warehouse and produce:

  • Solid wood and plywood products such as folding leg tables
  • Laminate and veneer office furniture
  • Laminate and melamine kitchen cabinets and millwork
  • Custom wood furniture and cabinetry

The site helps offenders transition from the institution to regular employment in the community. It is specifically set up to assist those who find the transition difficult, by providing short-term work experience in a controlled and supportive environment.

Offenders receive Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and job safety training before starting work, and develop skills and experience in a realistic manufacturing environment.

CORCAN National Warehouse and Distribution Centre
Kingston, Ontario

The CORCAN National Warehouse and Distribution Centre is a highly efficient warehousing operation occupying over 70,000 square feet of storage, staging, and shipping space. Collocated with the CORCAN Ontario Region Sales and Administrative offices, the facility is well positioned to provide exceptional service through our Quick Ship Program.

The National Warehouse and Distribution Centre is also a training site. While working there, offenders perform a range of tasks, gaining skills and experience in shipping, receiving, inventory management, stock rotation, quality assurance, and client service. They participate in a number of certified training programs including health and safety (WHMIS), and lift truck operation. They also learn how to use a computerized warehouse inventory management system, which will allow them to gain the training and work experience they need to apply for work in a warehouse with a major retailer.

With the current labour market demand for skilled material handlers, experience gained at the CORCAN National Warehouse and Distribution Centre will greatly assist offenders in finding and maintaining employment in the community.

National Engineering and Technical Support Center (NETSC)
Laval, Quebec

The NETSC plays a key role in offender employment by providing education and training to offenders who can use their new skills and expertise to support CORCAN sales representatives in meeting client design needs and requirements. This is achieved through a small team of engineers, designers, and architectural technicians, as well as our talented group of offenders.

NETSC staff train offenders using the latest design software, including AutoCAD, to space plan and quote potential jobs that are forwarded to the centre by sales representatives from across the country. Over $40 million in furniture quotations are prepared annually.

Offenders are provided the opportunity to work and learn in a creative and challenging work environment, which helps them to obtain and maintain employment after release. Offenders who successfully complete their internships with CORCAN at NETSC have a 100% employment rate upon release.