National and Regional Ethnocultural Advisory Committees

The national and regional Ethnocultural Advisory Committees provide the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) with advice regarding programs and services for the reintegration of ethnocultural offenders to the community.

Become a volunteer with CSC if you're interested in being part of a committee in your region.

Regional Ethnocultural Advisory Committees (REAC)

REAC are made up of influential members of the community who come from ethnocultural backgrounds or have experience working in the area of ethnoculturalism. Its members provide support to incarcerated or community supervised ethnocultural offenders by:

  • Assisting institutions in providing specialized cultural activities to staff and offenders.
  • Addressing offender spiritual needs and advising them on how to make community contacts.
  • Assisting offenders in preparing for their parole.
  • Mentoring offenders upon their return to the community.
  • Helping offenders find jobs or a place to stay.

The National Ethnocultural Advisory Committee (NEAC)

The NEAC is made up of the chair and vice-chair from each REAC. This committee assists CSC in forming partnerships with various cultural communities. In addition, it aims to ensure a level of diversity among CSC employees similar to that of the Canadian offender population.