Programs and Services for Ethnocultural Offenders

There are many policies and initiatives in place to address the needs of ethnocultural offenders in federal corrections. This includes:

  • Encouraging the existence of ethnocultural services committees within institutions.
  • Working with CSC sectors, departments, advisory committees, jurisdictions and agencies to develop ethnocultural-specific initiatives, policies, and projects.
  • Creating partnerships with, and encouraging, ethnocultural communities and professionals to deliver ethnocultural-specific initiatives inside institutions and in communities.
  • Supporting ethnocultural inmates with training and mentoring. 
  • Facilitating cultural awareness activities such as Black History Month.
  • Providing advice and expertise to help ethnocultural communities reintegrate offenders.
  • Providing language training and interpretation services for offenders unable to communicate in English or French effectively.
  • Identifying employees able to act as interpreters for offenders during incarceration and at parole hearings.
  • Providing guides and pamphlets in an array of non-official languages to help offenders, their families, and community groups.