International Relations

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Previous Nominees Recipients

CSC holds the awards ceremony each year in November, and each recipient of the award is considered the "keeper of the bear", because he or she has heart and touches other deeply. Each year's winner keeps the bear until the next ceremony, where it is passed on to the newest recipient for the year.

Past nominees and recipients of the Dan Rowan Memorial Award are:

2006 Nominees:

Philippe Bensimon
Research Manager, Research
Lucie Larocque
Project Officer, Performance Management
Chantal Pelletier
A/Team Leader, Access to Information and Privacy
Damien Ravignat
>Manager, Information Management Services
Ted Reinhardt
Director, Infrastructure and Service Management
Jonathan Smith
Epidemiologist, Health Services
Leonard Swedlove
Senior Financial Analyst, Financial Management
Jim Wladyka
Director, Workforce Wellbeing


Betty Berthiaume
Administrative Assistant, Chaplaincy

2005 Nominees:

Lisa Watson
Manager, Intensive Intervention, Women Offender Sector
Michael Olotu
Manager, Evaluation and Review, Performance Assurance


Marty Maltby
Project Officer, Community Initiatives, Communications and Citizen Engagement

2004 Nominees:

Helen Friel
Director, Citizen Engagement
Linda Roy
A/Director, Correspondence and Ministerial Liaison
Mary Hall
A/Manager, Health Services Operations, Policy and Administration


Phil Chitty
Senior Project Officer,
Program Policy and Information Management

2003 Nominees:

Dale Collings
Manager, Acting Database and Applications Maintenance Team
Diane Foran
>Project Officer, Intergovernmental Affairs
Diane Hedge
Senior Analyst, Incident Investigation Branch
Guylaine Montplaisir
Team Leader, Offender Management System Renewal
Lisa Watson
Manager, Intensive Intervention Strategy for Women Offenders


Wendy Parlow
Knowledge Management and Policy Development

2002 Nominees:

Bill Staubi
Special Advisor to the Task Force on Operating Regimes


Denis Barbe
National Education Program

2001 Nominees:

Lucille Matte
Senior Investigation Analyst, Performance Assurance
Pam Haslam
Portfolio Manager, Strategic Planning and Policy
Sandra Black
Co-ordinator, National Infectious Diseases Program


Richard Moore
Senior Media Relations Officer,
Communications Sector

2000 Nominees:

Louise Lalonde
Head, INET Technical Unit
Michael Bettman
Manager, Violence Prevention Program
Yvan Thibault
Director, Inmate Affairs


Jim Murphy
Senior Project Officer,
Community Corrections Division