Dorchester Penitentiary

Dorchester Penitentiary

Dorchester Penitentiary

4902 Main Street
Dorchester, New Brunswick
E4K 2Y9


Tel: (506) 379-2471
Fax: (506) 379-4200


Tel: (506) 379-4595
Fax: (506) 379-4629

About the Institution

Dorchester Penitentiary is in Dorchester, New Brunswick.  It is a medium and minimum security facility. It shares a property with the Shepody Healing Centre.

The minimum unit has a residential design.  There are both houses and a residential-style living unit.  Currently, construction is underway on a new 50 bed living unit.  Work is due to be completed in 2013-2014.

At the same time, Dorchester is also expanding the correctional and rehabilitation programs that they offer.

Facility Characteristics


  • Institution for male offenders
  • Security level: medium
  • Date opened: 1880
  • Rated capacity: 392


  • Institution for male offenders
  • Security level: minimum
  • Date opened: 1962
  • Rated capacity: 252

Did you know?

CSC offers a variety of correctional programs to help inmates become law-abiding citizens.