Bowden Institution

Bowden Institution

Bowden Institution

Highway #2
PO Box 6000
Innisfail, Alberta
T4G 1V1

Tel: (403) 227-3391
Fax: (403) 227-6022

About the Institution

Bowden Institution is in Innisfail, Alberta.  It is a medium and minimum security facility.  Inmates are housed in direct observation living units or residential houses.

Currently construction is underway on one new 96 bed medium living unit.  Work is due to be completed in 2014-2015. A new 50 bed minimum living unit was completed in January 2012.

Bowden is also currently expanding the correctional and rehabilitation programs that they offer.

Facility Characteristics

  • Institution for male offenders
  • Security levels:
    • Medium
    • Minimum
  • Date opened:
    • Medium: 1974
    • Minimum: 1992
  • Rated capacity: 544

Did you know?

CSC offers a variety of correctional programs to help inmates become law-abiding citizens.