Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 176

What is new /changed?

The Commissioner's Directive has been revised to clarify CSC's policy framework for conducting research. Guidelines have also been developed to detail required procedures and practices.

Why was the policy changed?

The policy was revised and guidelines developed to ensure that medical research and experimental methodologies meet the ethical, methodological and scientific standards of the appropriate professional and scientific bodies. No medical experimentation will be permitted unless it complies with this research policy and related health services policies.

What is the purpose of the changes?

The Service is committed to the advancement of correctional knowledge and the development of best practices. It is also committed to ensuring that informed and written consent is obtained from subjects involved in experimental research prior to their participation.

How was it developed?

The CD was developed through consultation with Health Services, Legal Services, and the regional planning and regional health services centres, the Correctional Investigator and researchers both inside and outside of the federal government. The draft policy instruments were also shared with USGE and PIPS.


Accountability for various aspects of this policy rests with the Executive Committee; Assistant Commissioner Policy, Planning and Co-ordination; Director General, Research; Deputy Commissioner for Women; Regional Research committees; Director General, Health Services; CSC researchers and external researchers that require access to CSC staff, offenders or information.

Who will be affected by the policy?

CSC staff and offenders are affected by the policy, as are outside researchers.

Expected cost?

No new costs are expected.

Other impacts?

No other impacts are expected.


  • Larry Motiuk (NHQ-AC)
  • Director General, Research Branch
  • (613) 995-4694

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