Commissioner's Directive

Reception And Distribution Of Television Signals


  1. To ensure that the reception and distribution of television signals within institutions are provided in a cost-effective manner and in accordance with applicable federal regulations.


  1. Commissioner's Directive 860, "Inmate's Money".


  1. The television reception and distribution service inside an institution shall not exceed the service provided to the local community, or which has been authorized by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission.
  2. Only Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission approved services and local Canadian television channels shall be distributed inside an institution. Foreign services which are not authorized by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission shall not be offered to inmates.


  1. The cost of projects to improve television reception to designated common areas within institutions, including master antenna systems, or where cost-effective, cablevision or satellite receiving stations, will be paid by the Correctional Service of Canada.
  2. Signal distribution systems to inmate cells will be included in construction of new institutions and may be installed in institutions which do not have such a system currently. The Correctional Service of Canada will pay for the cost of signal distribution systems to cells.
  3. Where cablevision or satellite receiving stations have been selected as the most cost-effective method of obtaining a good quality signal, and this signal is distributed to cells, the cost of the monthly service charges will be covered entirely by the Inmate Welfare Fund.


Original signed by
Ole Ingstrup


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