Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 433

Why was the policy changed?

  • Effective October 24, 2013, the second level (regional) of the offender complaint and grievance process is eliminated. Amendments have been made to the Corrections and Conditional Release Regulations reflecting this change.
  • Other modifications were made pursuant to the Commissioner's Directives Standardization Project.

What has changed?

Several modifications have been made to each of the documents. These include:

  • the levels of the offender complaint and grievance process, to account for the elimination of the second level (regional);
  • a new look, resulting in stand-alone English and French versions;
  • the purpose, which replaces the "policy objective", is more practical in nature;
  • a more concise language/style is used throughout the document.


  • Assistant Commissioner, Policy

Who will be affected by the policy?

  • Staff involved in the offender complaint and grievance process.
  • Offenders who utilize the offender complaint and grievance process.

Expected cost?

None anticipated. This initiative is part of CSC's contribution to the Economic Action Plan.


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