Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 484

Why was the policy changed?

In response to recommendations brought forward in the Coroner’s Inquest Touching the Death of Ashley Smith, CSC has made several amendments to its policies and procedures, including CD 710-2 Transfer of Inmates and its guideline GL 710-2-3 Inmate Transfer Processes

The purpose of this policy bulletin is to address Recommendation 65, which states “That no transfer occurs on a Friday or holiday given the reduced number of on-site staff at these times.”

This change will help to ensure that appropriate resources are in place upon arrival at the receiving institution for those inmates on high or moderate suicide watch, including inmates with mental health issues and/or self-injurious behaviours. 

What has changed?

The following paragraph will therefore be added to GL 710-2-3 “Inmate Transfer Processes”, under the General Transfer Process section in the guideline. 

Except in the case of an emergency transfer, inmates on high or modified suicide watch shall not be transferred on Fridays or holidays, including weekends.

While this new paragraph would be located after paragraph 5 within the current version of Guideline 710-2-3, final changes are anticipated to this guideline in the near future. 

How was it developed?

This amendment was developed by Institutional Reintegration Operations, in consultation with Health Services.

Who will be affected by the policy?

The change will affect all staff involved in the transfer process. 

Expected cost?


Next Steps
The above noted policy change will be incorporated into the next version of GL 710-2-3.



Original signed by:
Fraser Macaulay
Assistant Commissioner, Correctional Operations and Programs/

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