Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 492

Why was the policy changed?

The Parole Board of Canada (PBC) recently implemented changes to their procedures regarding the applications made to the PBC for individuals attending hearings as observers, including offender supports.

Among the changes, the PBC:

  • clarified that “offender supports” are to be considered observers at parole hearings and therefore all offender support persons must request to attend a parole hearing as observers;
  • outlined that, where practicable, a Request to Observe a Hearing form should be submitted to the PBC no later than 30 days before a scheduled hearing.

What was changed?

Paragraph 15 of the CD now clarifies that an offender support person is considered an observer, and that his/her application to observe a parole hearing should be sent at least 30 days prior to the hearing.

How was it developed?

This policy clarification was made by Institutional Reintegration Operations and Strategic Policy at NHQ.


Accountabilities are detailed in the CD.

Who will be affected by the policy?

All case management staff are potentially affected by the policy.

Expected cost?


Other impacts?



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