Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 533

Why was the policy changed?

Following the change in policy and procedures related to two armed officers being required to conduct all security escorts at maximum and medium security level institutions, the Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) process has been streamlined to provide a more effective and efficient procedure.

What has changed?

A TRA Review Board will now be tasked with  reviewing all current and new admission inmate files with a focus on five key areas. This review will determine whether a TRA is required for specific inmates for every security escort or, if the current TRA must be updated or, if the TRA will be valid for a period of (1) one year (unless new information becomes available).

As some inmates will be identified as requiring a new TRA for every security escort, the addition of the “SIO-TRA Required Alert” on OMS has been developed for activation by the SIO. The SIO will also deactivate the alert when it is deemed no longer required.

Further, the policy will now address the requirements surrounding the execution of conducting a High Risk Escort in CSC institutions.

How was it developed?

These policy changes were developed by the Security Branch in consultation with Executive Committee members, institutional staff and Strategic Policy.


All CSC management and staff are responsible to ensure compliance.

Who will be affected by the policy?

All institutional managers and staff involved in security escorts.

Expected cost?


Other impacts?


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