Internal Audit Planned Projects


  • Audit of Control of Entry and Exit in Institutions – Phase 2
  • Audit of Privacy of Offender Information
  • Review of CSC’s Mental Health Commitments
  • Audit of Employment and Employability for Offenders
  • Audit of Core Management Controls
  • Audit of National Emergency Preparedness
  • Continuous Auditing of Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (Non-Regular Pay Transactions)
  • Audit of Contracting and Procurement Processes
  • Audit of Low Value Contracts


  • Audit of Offender Population Management
  • Audit of Medication Management
  • Audit of Release Process
  • Audit of Detention Process
  • Audit of National Emergency Preparedness
  • Audit of Aboriginal Corrections Accountability Framework
  • Audit of the Staff Grievance Process
  • Audit of Training Activities
  • Continuous Auditing of the Controls over Financial Reporting - Audit of Salaries and Review of Management Action Plans for Hospitality
  • Audit of IT Security – Intrusion Detection