Disclosure of Transfer Payment Program under $5 Million


1. Name of TPP 2. Main Objective 3. End Date of TPP, if applicable 4. Type of TP (G, C) 5. Planned Spending for 2013-14 6. Fiscal Year of Last Completed Evaluation 7. General Targeted Recipient Group
Grant to the University of Saskatchewan for Forensic Research Centre The purpose of this grant is to encourage graduate psychology students to choose the specialty of Forensic Psychiatry and thereby increase the pool of potential employees for CSC 2013-2014 G 122,000 2010-2011 University of Saskatchewan, graduate Psychology Students
Grant to the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine for a psychiatric residency seat The grant creates an incentive for a psychiatric resident to work for the CSC (at the Regional Psychiatric Centre) when he/she is licensed as a psychiatrist. The benefit to the University of Saskatchewan is that it is able to admit an additional resident to its psychiatry program. 2015-2016 G 160,000 2010-2011 University of Saskatchewan, Medical Students
National Reintegration Assistance Class Contribution Program Provide services to offender while engaging and fostering community participation in CSC's reintegration practices 2013-2014 C 675,500 2010-2011 Eligibility for contribution funding includes not-for-profit organizations