Citizen Engagement

Through effective engagement, we improve communication between the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) and Canadians by creating opportunities for citizens to become involved, and by encouraging communities to address correctional issues.

CSC requires the involvement of community members to be effective in the delivery of its programs and services, as well as in the reintegration of offenders into society.

CSC enjoys a broad spectrum of public participation. Citizens are involved in our operations in many diverse ways. From attending CSC outreach events, to participating in consultations; from volunteering at our institutions, to actively advising the Service on Citizen Advisory Committees – CSC has many ways to routinely rely on public involvement.

Principles Associated with Citizen Engagement

  1. To promote better understanding of the correctional process and more specifically, CSC’s role in it;
  2. To highlight the role of citizens in making communities safer;
  3. To consult with people when CSC is developing policies, programs and/or services;
  4. To communicate correctional challenges in an open and proactive manner;
  5. To foster an environment where citizens can participate in decisions and actions that will shape communities; and
  6. To create opportunities to be involved in the delivery of key services.

Why it's Important to Get Involved

Citizens contribute to their community’s safety by helping CSC successfully reintegrate offenders into the community and changing their lives.

How to Get Involved

Volunteers - citizens can share their skills and talents, learn about the criminal justice system and contribute to the safety of their community.

Citizen Advisory Committees (CAC) - CAC members act as a liaison between the community and CSC.

Consultations - Citizens’ opinions are important to us!

Speakers Bureau - CSC has many qualified speakers available to make presentations on a variety of topics.

Victim Services - victims of crime can become involved in CSC by registering to receive information about the offender who harmed them, and by submitting a victim statement describing the impact of the crime on their lives and/or other information for consideration during key points in the correctional process. Victims and the public can also become involved by contacting Victim Services through 1-866-806-2275 or the Web site at to share information and voice opinions or concerns. As well, victims and the public can express their views or become involved through participation in victims’ advisory committees.

For More Information

Additional information about federal corrections in Canada and how to get involved is available on CSC’s Web site at

January 2010