Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

Although CSC is not legally bound by the Federal Sustainable Development Act (FSDA) and therefore is not required to develop departmental a Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS), CSC has implemented its own Sustainable Development Strategy for the 2012-15 period. CSC’s SDS 2012-2015 contains 18 specific targets.

The main accomplishments in 2013-14 include the following:

  • The Internal Service Directive 318-7: Environmental Management of Waste, including EEE-waste was published in January, 2014 (SDS target 2.1 was achieved);
  • Articles were published to increase awareness of all CSC staff in an effort to reduce paper consumption (SDS target 2.3 was achieved);
  • Recycling programs have been optimized at all sites to divert additional materials from landfills (SDS target 2.4 was achieved);
  • All large boilers located in Central Heating Plants have been optimized during this period (SDS target 3.2 was partially achieved);
  • Four out of five energy audits were completed and the fifth one was initiated during this period (SDS target 4.3 was partially achieved);
  • All institutions have completed their customized energy conservation plan (SDS target 4.4 was achieved);
  • The improvement options for the wastewater treatment system at Ste-Anne-des-Plaines complex were completed and a preferred design option was selected (SDS target 5.1 was achieved);
  • All institutions have completed their customized water conservation plan (SDS target 6.1 was achieved);
  • Six new environmental site assessments were initiated (SDS target 7.1 was achieved); and
  • Two additional remediation projects were completed (SDS target 7.2 was achieved).

In addition to the ten above mentioned SDS targets, in 2012-2013 five SDS targets were achieved and progress has been made on the remaining three.