We thought it would be helpful for readers looking for programs, initiatives and cases relevant to their field of work or interest to provide the following general indices according to subject.

Entries Related to the Mentally Handicapped Offender

  • The Court Outreach Project - Ottawa, Ontario
  • Opportunities for Independence - The Developmentally Disabled , Winnipeg
  • El' dad Ranch - Steinbach, Manitoba

Entries Related to Drinking or to Drinking and Driving

  • The Windsor Case of Kevin Hollinsky (Community Service Order)
  • Curative Discharge Program - Yukon Territory
  • Sober Streets - Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
  • Repeat Impaired Driving Project - Prince Edward Island
  • Adolescent Addictions Program - Prince Edward Island

Entries Related to Sexual Offences

  • Circles of Support and Accountability for a Released
  • Sex Offender - One Community's Story
  • A Community Alternative for Sexual Assault and Related
  • Offences - Canim Lake, B.C.
  • Residential Program for Adolescent Sexual Offenders - Ottawa, Ontario
  • Sexual Assault - One Congregation's Story of Healing
  • Keeping Kids Safe - Children and Sexual Abuse, Yukon Territory

Entries Related to Native People

(only those entries with a strong native focus are included here; many other entries would also impact on native populations)

  • Kwanlin Dun Community Justice - Circle Sentencing, Yukon
  • Community Holistic Circle Healing Program - Hollow Water, Manitoba
  • Atoskata - Victim Compensation Project for Youth, Regina
  • Circle Sentencing
  • Urban Circles - Armed Robbery in Saskatoon
  • Serving on Sentencing Circle Attitude - Changing Experience
  • Manslaughter Case in Fort St. John, British Columbia
  • Kwêskohtê - Family Group Conferences, Regina
  • Teslin Tribal Justice Project - Sentencing Panel, Yukon
  • Wabasca Justice Committee - Alberta
  • Slave Lake Sentencing Panel - Alberta
  • Elders' Justice Committee - Fort Resolution, Northwest Territory
  • Community Council Diversion Project - Aboriginal Legal Services, (Toronto)
  • Micmac Diversion Council of Lennox Island - Prince Edward Island
  • Aboriginal Elder-Assisted Parole Board Hearings - Prairie Region
  • Post-Release Offender Project - Aboriginal Legal Services, Toronto

Entries Related to Youth

  • Pro-Services, Québec City, Québec
  • Atoskata - Victim Compensation Project for Youth, Regina
  • Family Group Conferences - New Zealand
  • Family Group Conferences - Wagga Wagga, Australia
  • Family Group Conferences - Aboriginal Youth, Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Family Group Conferences - United States
  • Youth Justice Committees
  • Legal Aid Youth Project
  • Alternative to Custody Program - Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
  • Intensive Intervention Program - St. John's, Newfoundland
  • Second Chance, Lloydminster, Alberta (Restitution)
  • Eastwood Outreach Program - Edmonton, Alberta
  • Rideau Street Youth Enterprises - Ottawa, Ontario
  • Adolescent Addictions Program - Prince Edward Island
  • Multi-Agency Prevention Program (MAPP) - Brandon, Manitoba
  • Assessment, Intervention, Monitoring Program (A.I.M.) - Brandon, Manitoba
  • Family Preservation Model - La Ronge, Saskatchewan
  • Community Support Services, St. Lawrence Youth Association - Kingston, Ontario
  • The Simpsonville South Carolina Family Preservation Project
  • The Family Ties Program - New York City
  • Community Homes Program - Saskatchewan
  • Residential Program for Adolescent Sexual Offenders - Ottawa, Ontario
  • Maple Star Foster Care - Colorado
  • Youth Futures Residential and Day Attendance Program - Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia
  • Alternative Measures Programs
  • Judicial Interim Release for Youth
  • Ma Ma Wi Wi Chi Itata Centre - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Stop and Think Program - Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Youth Mediation Diversion Program - Shaunavon, Saskatchewan

Entries Related Exclusively to Women

(only those entries whose work is exclusively with women are listed here; almost all compendium entries apply to women, with the few exceptions that have a male population only)

  • Expansion-Femmes de Québec - Quebec City.
  • Maison Thérèse Casgrain - Montréal
  • Coverdale Courtwork Services - Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • E.V.E.. (Entraide vol à l'étalage - Stop Shoflifters) - Montreal, Québec
  • Dos Pasos Project for Pregnant and Addicted Women - Tuscon, Arizona
  • Project Another Chance - Kingston, Ontario


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