Message from the Commissioner

Don Head Commissioner
Don Head Commissioner

Sustainable Development is a government priority that is in line with Canadian expectations. Sustainable Development is a key guiding principle for environmental legislation and is taking on an increasingly prominent position in policy and operations across the federal government.

The tabling in Parliament of the Correctional Service of Canada's (CSC) first Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) in 1997 marked the beginning of our participation in a formal planning and reporting process to implement Sustainable Development throughout the federal government. Recognizing the uniqueness of our operations, we, as an agency within the Department of Public Safety, have voluntarily developed and implemented four SDS's over the past 15 years. During the last SDS cycle, we achieved significant improvement in the areas of greenhouse gas reduction and energy efficiency, water conservation and management of contaminated sites. We continue to adapt our approach with federal departments that are legally bound by the Federal Sustainable Development Act (2008) and the associated Federal SDS (2010).

I am pleased to say that we have confirmed our priorities, and we are on track toward achieving results that will be important to Canadians. Given the extent of our operations, CSC has a significant role to play in the advancement of Sustainable Development on a national scale. In line with our previous SDS commitments, CSC's SDS 2012-2015 continues to mainly focus on the reduction of adverse emissions that causes negative impacts to ecosystems. As we continue to refine and implement our environmental plans and “green” initiatives, I count on our staff to help bring about improvements in our quality of life and the environmental sustainability of our society. It is only through promoting the responsible use of natural resources and respect for ecological capacities in our everyday actions that Sustainable Development can truly take root at CSC.


Don Head