Our Vision

This section describes the main focus of our organization.

The Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA) provides the legislative framework for CSC's work. The mandate of CSC is to contribute to the maintenance of a just, peaceful and safe society by:

  • carrying out sentences imposed by courts through the safe and humane custody and supervision of offenders; and
  • assisting in the rehabilitation of offenders and their reintegration into the community as law-abiding citizens through the provision of programs in penitentiaries and in the community.

CSC is also guided by the Canadian Charter of Rights and FreedomsFootnote 4 and numerous Acts, regulations, policies, and international conventions in the delivery of its service. These help to ensure that CSC exercises reasonable, safe, secure and humane control of offenders, and, as well, demonstrates fiscal responsibility in carrying out our mandate.

Consistent with the CCRA, CSC's Mission Statement reflects Canadians' values, including respect for the rule of law and safe, secure and humane custody. The Mission speaks to openness and integrity in our accounts to the public.

Pê Sâkâstêw Centre, Prairie Region
Pê Sâkâstêw Centre, Prairie Region

Our Mission

CSC, as part of the criminal justice system and respecting the rule of law, contributes to public safety by actively encouraging and assisting offenders to become law-abiding citizens, while exercising reasonable, safe, secure and humane control.

Our Core Values

The management and staff of CSC are guided in their work by the Code of Values and Ethics for the Public Sector in addition to the following CSC core values:

Core Value 1

We respect the dignity of individuals, the rights of all members of society, and the potential for human growth and development.

Core Value 2

We recognize that the offender has the potential to live as a law-abiding citizen.

Core Value 3

We believe that our strength and our major resource in achieving our objectives is our staff and that human relationships are the cornerstone of our endeavour.

Core Value 4

We believe that the sharing of ideas, knowledge, values, and experience, nationally and internationally, is essential to the achievement of our Mission.

Core Value 5

We believe in managing the Service with openness and integrity, and we are accountable to the Minister of Public Safety Canada.

Our Priorities

In response to requirements to manage a changing offender profile and contribute to public safety, CSC will focus on six strategic priorities:

  • Safe transition to and management of eligible offenders in the community;
  • Safety and security of staff and offenders in our institutions and in the community;
  • Enhanced capacities to provide effective interventions for First Nations, Métis and Inuit offenders;
  • Improved capacities to address mental health needs of offenders;
  • Efficient and effective management practices that reflect values-based leadership; and
  • Productive relationships with increasingly diverse partners, stakeholders, and others involved in public safety.Footnote 5

Program Activities

Reflecting its specific and important mandate, CSC has one Strategic Outcome, in short, its contribution to public safety, more specifically,"The custody, correctional interventions, and supervision of offenders, in communities and institutions, contribute to public safety".Footnote 6

To support the strategic outcome, there are four main activities set out by CSC and they include:

  1. Custody – offenders are maintained in custody within institutions;
  2. Community Supervision – for those who are eligible for transfer to communities under various types of conditional releases;
  3. Correctional Interventions – to help offenders become and remain law-abiding citizens in both the institutions and the community; and
  4. Internal Services – encompasses all corporate and administrative services and enables the effective and efficient delivery of operational programs and activities across the organization.

Collins Bay Institution, Ontario Region
Collins Bay Institution, Ontario Region