Issue Scan

This section explains environmental issues that are relevant to CSC's operations.

CSC's overall activities have been detailed in the previous sections. The following pages will focus on the main environmental challenges that are relevant to CSC's operations.

We strongly believe that SDS targets and commitments need to be carefully selected in order to secure ownership from various organizational sectors as well as to promote continual improvement in line with realistic expectations and program delivery capacities.

The SDS 2012-2015 was developed in line with the results achieved in SDS 2007-2010. It follows the same level of commitments inspired by previous achievements and provides a tangible, comprehensive and transparent approach to achieving Sustainable Development. The following changes were considered:

Archambault Institution, Quebec Region

Archambault Institution,
Quebec Region

  • Inclusion of additional targets on aspects such as green buildings, considerations of disposal/reuse of EEE-waste, reduction of paper consumption, reduction of plastic-based food containers, elimination of the use of heavy oil for heating and conducting energy audits;
  • The expansion of CSC's infrastructure since promulgation of Bill C-25 "Truth in Sentencing Act" over the next decade; and
  • Significant compliance activities made by Environment Canada in the integration and the enforcement of regulations pertaining to various environmental matters.

Lastly, the SDS 2012-2015 incorporates the lessons learned from previous SDSs, is consistent with available resources, and takes into account our operational limitations. The Federal SDS and the associated GGO targets were followed in spirit, where applicable.