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Sustainable Development Strategy 2007-2010

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Appendix 2 – List of Acronyms and Technical Abbreviations


CCRA: Corrections and Conditional Release Act
CESD: Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development
CSC: Correctional Service of Canada
DGF: Director General, Facilities
DGTS: Director General, Technical Services
DPR: Departmental Performance Report
EFP: Environmental Farm Plan
EMS: Environmental Management System
EXCOM: CSC National Executive Committee
INSDS: Interdepartmental Network on Sustainable Development Strategies
NHQ: National Headquarters
OPI: Office of Primary Interest
PSEPC: Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada (department)
RATS: Regional Administrator, Technical Services
RHQ: Regional Headquarters
RMC: Regional Management Committee (at CSC)
RPP: Report on Plans and Priorities
SD: Sustainable Development
SDS: Sustainable Development Strategy
SOA: Special Operating Agency (i.e., CORCAN)

Technical Abbreviations

CH4: methane (natural gas)
CO2: carbon dioxide
VOC: volatile organic compound
E85: Ethanol 85% (vehicle fuel with 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline)
GHG: greenhouse gas
kg: kilogram
kW: kilowatt
L: litre
m3: cubic metre
MJ: megajoule (unit for measuring energy)
NOx: nitrogen oxides
SOx: sulfur oxides