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Foreign Nationals: Needs Identification - Meeting with Foreign National Federally Sentenced Women


The group interview was informally structured to enable the women to freely identify the issues they thought important. The questions covered and the rationale behind them are as follows:

1 ) How many FSW who are foreign nationals also have landed immigrant status?

Rationale: Women who have landed immigrant status may have different concerns than those who resided in another country at the time of sentence. A women who is a landed immigrant may have already formed ties with the community and therefore may have similar, if not identical, needs as the non-foreign national population. However, since she may be deported there may be additional concerns regarding her family.

2) How many have children born in Canada?

Rationale: Women who have children born in Canada and have a deportation notice, may need additional support and appropriate guidance so that they can make a suitable decision with regards to their children.

3) How many have families in Canada?

Rationale: This reflects the amount of family support an offender receives, as well as some of the difficulties she may experience if given a deportation notice.

4) What are some of the particular needs, on day-to-day basis, within the institution?

Rationale: Identification of day-to-day needs encountered within the institution is relevant to the overall management of the foreign national population.

5) Was the information given to the offender with regards to their immigration status sufficient for the understanding of their options and rights?

Rationale: Immigration statutes are complex, it is necessary to know if women had received adequate information and were able to understand it. What are the consequences of receiving a deportation notice?