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Women Offender Programs and Issues

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Foreign Nationals: Needs Identification - Meeting with Foreign National Federally Sentenced Women


The main issue facing foreign nationals is the lack of accurate information regarding their rights and deportability status. There seems to be a significant amount of uncertainty with regards to their future. This is augmented by the concerns expressed regarding the adequacy of correctional planning and program participation. Most of the women that participated in the interview acknowledged that it was ultimately their responsibility to gather the information for their immigration hearing. However, they asserted that the lack of support, as well as the lack of information about the process, made their situation more difficult.

Issues that arise with regards to their to-day living, such as diversity of meals, may be partly addressed within the new facilities, since the units in which the women will be housed will be self-contained. Therefore, in this case the women will be cooking their own meals. Links in the community will need to be established to ensure that there is access to appropriate translation sources. As well, the suggestions put forth by the women themselves should be examined in detail and given consideration. It is important to acknowledge that the information gained from the interview, although important in terms of issue identification, is not a comprehensive exploration of the difficulties experienced by foreign nationals - Federally Sentenced Women.