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Women Offender Programs and Issues

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Proceedings: Meeting Of Correctional Service Of Canada And National Women's Organizations: Update On The Federally Sentenced Women Initiative

List of Participants

National Women's Organizations:

  • Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women - Yuen-Ting Lai
  • Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies - Kim Pate
  • DisAbled Women's Network Canada (DAWN Canada) - Eileen O'Brien
  • National Action Committee on the Status of Women - Susan Bazilli
  • National Association of Women and the Law - Louise Shaughnessy
  • National Council of Women Canada - Margaret MacGee
  • National Organization of Immigrant and Visible Minority Women - Shelly Das
  • Native Women's Association of Canada - Sharon McIvor
  • Paukatuutit Inuit Women's Association - Tracy O'Hearn
  • Status of Women Canada - Judith Beaman

Other Organizations:

  • Burnaby Correctional Centre for Women - Esther McMullen, Director
  • Church Council on Justice and Corrections - Lorraine Berzins
  • Citizen Advisory Committee - Cécile Charlebois, Regional Chairperson, Quebec
  • Correctional Service of Canada, National Headquarters - John Edwards, Commissioner
  • Hilda Vanneste, Director, FSW Program, NHQ
  • Lisa Watson, Senior Project Manager, FSW Program, NHQ
  • Rosemary O'Brien, Project Officer, FSW Program, NHQ
  • Federally Sentenced Women Facility - Edmonton
  • Jan Fox, Warden
  • Reinhold Boehm, Community Rep.
  • Federally Sentenced Women Facility - Joliette
  • Marie-Andrée Cyrenne, Warden
  • Deborah Martin Koop, Community Rep.
  • Federally Sentenced Women Facility - Kitchener
  • Marie-Andrée Drouin, Warden
  • Deborah Schlichter, Community Rep.
  • Federally Sentenced Women Facility - Truro
  • Frona Allen, Warden
  • Anne Malick, Community Rep.
  • Healing Lodge - Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
  • Norma Green, Kikawinaw
  • Joyce Drever, Community Rep.
  • Larry Oakes, Community Rep.
  • National Parole Board
  • Betsy Rymes Prison for Women
  • Thérèse LeBlanc, Warden
  • Christine Cloutier, National Transition Coordinator