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Parenting Roles And Experiences Of Abuse In Women Offenders: Review Of The Offender Intake Assessments

Summary of the findings on experiences of abuse

The nature of the data on abuse provided in this study and the Survey varied considerably and therefore it was not possible to compare the two studies on many aspects of this issues. Nevertheless, results clearly indicate that a high proportion of women in both samples indicated having experienced abuse either during one part of their lives, or throughout their entire lives. Available data further suggested that in the OIAs Review study, most of the women who described specific types of abuse suffered it in multiple forms. Analyses of the differences between indicated experiences of abuse for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women showed that there were significantly more Aboriginal women who experienced or indicated having experienced abuse during childhood/adolescence as well as adulthood. This is consistent with the findings of the Survey which showed that experiences of abuse were more prevalent among Aboriginal women.