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Women Offender Programs and Issues

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Parenting Roles And Experiences Of Abuse In Women Offenders: Review Of The Offender Intake Assessments

APPENDIX B - Coding Examples

In order to provide examples of coding procedure, composite profiles were constructed to protect confidentiality while still maintaining essential information regarding women's lives. To this end, none of the following examples represent any single case recorded in the Domain Comments.

Codes Content examples
Lived in foster home/was apprehended by Social Services

Childhood/adolescence experiences:

ˇ Grew up in abusive environment

At the age of 6 Mary was placed into foster care as her parents were neglecting her due to abusing alcohol.
Childhood/adolescence experiences:

ˇ Physical abuse, abuser: foster parents

ˇ Emotional abuse, abuser: foster parents

Adulthood experiences:

ˇ General statement on abuse, abuser: partner

Ann indicates that during her childhood she was subject to both physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her foster parents. She describes she was involved in a common law relationship where she suffered many forms of abuse.
Childhood/adolescence experiences:

ˇ Grew up in abusive environment

Sara states that she was raised in abusive environment, as her stepfather was both emotionally and physically abusive towards her mother, although he was not abusive towards herself.
Childhood/adolescence experiences:

ˇ Grew up in abusive environment

Adulthood experiences

ˇ General statement on abuse, abuser: partner

File information documents an established need for psychological treatment/counselling in this case to address unresolved issues related to her history of childhood/spousal abuse.
During mother's incarceration children live with:

ˇ Grandparents (1); natural father (1)

During incarceration mother:

maintains phone contact with a child

Adulthood experiences:

ˇ mental abuse, abuser: partner

ˇ physical abuse, abuser: partner

Relationships qualified as:

ˇ some abusive

Kate's 7 year old daughter has been living with her paternal grandparents since age one. Kate is currently in telephone contact with her. The father of her daughter was mentally and physically abusive towards Kate

Her second daughter lives with her natural father. Kate states that this was a positive common-law relationship.