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Federally Sentenced Women Maximum Security Interview Project: "Not Letting the Time Do You"


I would like to express heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals interviewed for this project: the women inmates, for trusting and sharing with me their experiences and understanding; and staff, for their insightful and candid contributions. The significance of the contribution and accumulated wisdom of all those interviewed merits far more elaboration than possible here.

I extend deep appreciation to friends and colleagues who provided sage advice and valuable assistance in the many stages culminating in this project's fruition. I especially thank Kelley Blanchette, Karl Furr, Diane Kilby, Jane Laishes, Jennifer Latham, Sandra Lyth and Shirley Simo for sharing their expertise, and for their comments and suggestions for improvement of the manuscript.


    It's about not letting the time do you. I really believe...If you don't change your attitude a bit and come down and balance - with the institution - then you're really not going to get anywhere - you're just going to be banging your head up against the wall - letting the time do you - because you're not going to get any answers...But if you're willing to change your attitude a little bit and discuss what the problem is - tell them what the problem is - and try and solve it and find different choices and different ways of solving the problem - then the problem is going to get solved. If you think to yourself that you don't have an attitude and you don't have the problem - then you're never going to get anywhere. You have to realize that some of the problem lies within you also. (Alison)