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Women Offender Programs and Issues

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Implementing Choices at Regional Facilities: Program Proposals for Women Offenders with Special Needs

Appendix A: List of Interviews and Meetings

Nova Institution, Truro
Inmate Committee (twice)
Staff Assembly (twice)
1 Women Offender with Mental Health Needs
Warden- M. Ennis
Deputy Warden- J. Butterworth
Head of Programs- A. M. MacDonald
Psychologist- S. Frausen
Case Management Officer- R. McDonald
Shift Supervisors (R.O.S.)
Chaplain & Educational Programmer- P. Noseworthy
Art Educator- C. Sandeson
Life Skills Programmer- D. Yetman
Former Occupational Therapist- L. Shimmel (by phone)
Team Leader of Management Services- G. Baker
Union Representative- K. Fowler
Former Structured Living House Worker- W. Cavanaugh
Atlantic Regional Advisory Committee for Creating Choices
Primary Workers- T. Lambswood & T. MacMillan
Substance Abuse Programmer- B. Putnam

Atlantic Regional Office
Women Offenders Consultant- F. Allen
Project Advisory Committee (twice)

Springhill Institution: Women Offender Unit
6 Women Offenders with Mental Health Needs
Former Unit Supervisor- K. Comeau
Unit Supervisor- K. MacKenzie
Unit Case Management Officer- B. MacDonald
Unit Security Officers (3)
Deputy Warden- A. Alexander
Former Unit Manager- S. Poirier
Unit Psychologists- R. Simmons & B.J. Cormier
Director of Psychology- J. Earl

National Headquarters, Ottawa
Deputy Commissioner for Women- N. Stableforth
Senior Advisor for Women- S. Lyth
Senior Project Manager Mental Health- J. Laishes
Projects Assistant- J. Macdonald
Women Offenders Maximum-security Interview Researcher- D. McDonagh

Grand Valley Institution, Kitchener/Waterloo
Warden- M.-A. Drouin
Senior Management Team
Representatives from the Citizen's Advisory Council and the Elizabeth Fry Society
Inmate Committee

Prison for Women, Kingston
5 Women Offenders with Mental Health Needs
Manager- L. MacDonald
Multi-Disciplinary Meeting
Director of Programming- F. Tobin
Behaviour Science Technicians (2)
Psychiatric Nurses- L. Fumerton & M. Evans
Deputy Warden