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Recommendations Of The Coroner's Inquest Into The Death Of Robert Gentles

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1. All alternatives be considered before a cell extraction is ordered.


CSC has addressed this recommendation through a Use of Force Model. This model provides for alternatives to be considered before a forcible removal of an offender from his/her cell.

The Use of Force Model allows for verbal intervention, conflict resolution and negotiation to be used, where appropriate, at any stage of a response to an inmate's behaviour. CSC policy also requires that only the institutional head can authorize a pre-planned use of force.

In addition, CSC has a number of trained crisis negotiators on staff who are available to be used as an option prior to the ordering of a cell extraction.

CSC requires Use of Force Reports to be completed in situations where force is required to remove offenders from their cells. The institutional head reviews these reports, which describe and justify the type and amount of force used.

All new staff receive now receive training on the Use of Force Model during their Correctional Training Program. In addition all managers, supervisors, and Correctional Officers-II level have been trained on CSC and the law.