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18. It is recommended that during a lockdown adequate meals be served at reasonable intervals. The first meal of the day should be served to all inmates no later than 11:00 am.


CSC's policy is that food should not be withheld, nor the standard of meal quality be reduced, as a sanction against offenders.

Normal practice is to provide inmates with three meals per day. However, in emergency or lockdown situations, the scheduling of meals is determined by institutional management in consideration of the circumstances.

In cases where the emergency or lockdown allows for the serving of only two meals, practice is to serve the first meal of the day, in the form of an extended breakfast, at or before 0930. The supper meals are normally served at around 1530 or 1600.

While specific plans will vary from institution to institution, the details of emergency food services are contained in the contingency plans of each institution.