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Recommendations Of The Coroner's Inquest Into The Death Of Robert Gentles

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19. It is recommended that when administrative segregation is used, it be administered in compliance with institutional procedures and the law and adequately monitored by senior management.


Since the implementation of the National Task Force on Administrative Segregation (report issued March 1997), four national audits have been conducted to examine compliance to administrative segregation policies and practices. Two of the audits reviewed all CSC facilities while the remaining two audits examined a sample of institutions within all regions. These audits have demonstrated that compliance has improved in recent years. In part, the current high compliance level is attributed to the awareness created, and training provided, by the Task Force.

In accordance with the law, senior management is actively involved in the administrative segregation process. The institutional head or designate must review the placement in segregation within one working day of the placement date. Throughout an inmate's confinement in administrative segregation, there are mandated reviews and hearings, which must be conducted at specific intervals during that period. The objective of these reviews/hearings is to ensure that the inmate has been and continues to be confined only for reasons permitted under Section 31 of the CCRA and that there are no reasonable alternatives to confinement in administrative segregation.

CSC staff, who are involved in the administrative segregation review process, are governed by administrative law and the principles of fairness. They dictate that not only the substance of a decision must be correct, but also that the proper process must be followed in arriving at decisions.

In order to maintain a high level of compliance, CSC's Executive Committee (EXCOM) determined that a full time resource would be assigned in each region to provide continuous monitoring of the administrative segregation process. A regional monitor/coordinator has been appointed in each of the regions to ensure that CSC remains compliant with the law.