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Recommendations Of The Coroner's Inquest Into The Death Of Robert Gentles

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3. All cell extractions of non-compliant inmates, except for those in the most extreme situations, such as where actual risk of bodily harm or death may be imminent to any staff or inmate, be conducted by properly trained and equipped IERTs.


CSC supports the view that staff performing non-routine cell extraction duties should be properly trained to allow them to conduct cell extractions in a safe and effective manner.

CSC does not currently have a policy making it mandatory for IERT members to conduct all cell extractions for non-compliant inmates. The decision as to whether the use of the IERT to conduct the extraction is required remains with institutional management and is based on their assessment of the particular situation. IERT members are available to be recalled to the institution if required.

CSC is currently examining various options of conducting cell extractions and will make recommendations to CSC's Executive Committee on a preferred uniform approach. Options include:

The recommendations to the Executive Committee will include an assessment of the various options. It is anticipated that this issue will be presented for decision by March 2000 in conjunction with the recommendations of the Security Task Force.

Regardless of the option chosen, CSC will ensure that the necessary training is provided.