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Recommendations Of The Coroner's Inquest Into The Death Of Robert Gentles

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31. It is recommended that CSC evaluate psychological screening as a component of its officer recruitment process.


The exploration of the use of psychological testing for correctional officer recruitment began in early 1998. A consulting firm was contracted to complete a study on the applicability of psychological testing for the recruitment of Correctional Officers. An overview of the report and subsequent recommendations were submitted to the Executive Committee for consideration at the May 14, 1999 meeting. The Executive Committee approved all three recommendations that included deferring a decision on psychological testing for correctional officer recruitment.

The three recommendations regarding psychological testing that were approved by the Executive Committee include:

CSC has embarked on a values-centered approach to identify those candidates who will be the Service's best performers. This approach recognizes that when an employee, or a future employee, has a value system that is inherently or intrinsically in direct conflict with the values of the organization, there will be performance problems.

The CSC Mission has many references to the qualities of employees that are essential to ensure that we continue to address the challenging and sometimes difficult work in our organization. These are the underlying values that people contribute to our organization. These are the qualities that are needed in our future employees. The value assessment has been introduced for the recruitment and selection of Correctional Officer I, II and Correctional Supervisor, and will be implemented for Parole Officer, Program Officer, Coordinator, Case Management and the Area Director positions in September 1, 1999.

The assessment will be based on the Executive Committee endorsement of five value areas:

  • (1) Respect;
  • (2) Desire to learn and change;
  • (3) Integrity;
  • (4) Results orientation; and
  • (5) Teamwork.