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Recommendations Of The Coroner's Inquest Into The Death Of Robert Gentles

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32. It is recommended that any officer who has inmate contact and who is out on stress leave go for a psychological evaluation prior to returning to work.


Prior to considering a return to work for employees who are off on post-traumatic stress or occupational stress, psychological documentation is always on file and considered. The documentation is from the treating mental health practitioner and/or the carrier whether it is the Workers' Compensation Board or Sunlife/National Life. The latter agencies employ medical advisors who review clients' medical documentation and provide details as to precautions and limitations when considering return to the workplace.

It should be noted that medical confidentiality is respected in all cases. Medical information provided to the employer refers solely to the employee's capabilities to return to work; medical precautions and functional or psychological limitations. There is no mention of medical diagnosis.

Management, under Treasury Board collective agreements, reserves the right to refer an employee to Health Canada for a fitness to work assessment which may include a further psychological evaluation. This referral is normally done when further information is required or clarification of medical documentation on file is necessary. Health Canada will also assist in assessing the suitability of particular positions through a job analysis process.

A Return to Work Program is in place within CSC and managers/supervisors and union representatives have been trained on their role & responsibilities. CSC has developed a Return to Work Manual for Managers and Supervisors which includes sections on reviewing medical documentation and referrals to Health Canada. Regional Return to Work Advisors are in place in each Region to assist managers and supervisors throughout the RTW process. Draft CD 254 and its accompanying SOPs reflect CSC's commitment to provide employees of the Correctional Service of Canada who incur an injury or illness the support and assistance to return to fully productive employment, as soon as medically feasible, through the Return to Work Program.