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Recommendations Of The Coroner's Inquest Into The Death Of Robert Gentles

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34. It is recommended that CSC provide a 1-800 number to access counseling for staff who are reluctant to self identify to local management when they are suffering the effects of job related stress.


While CSC does not have a 1-800 number in the regions, CSC is of the opinion that the intent of this recommendation is already met through the existing Employee Assistance Program model established in all our institutions. This program is a confidential and voluntary service supported by both Management and the Unions. The program is well publicized in our institutions and is available to all employees. The program is offered in strict confidentiality and the most EAP referral agents are not from the management level. Accordingly, there is no need for those employees suffering from job related stress to identify themselves to local management.

In this program, CSC has adopted the Peer Referral model. Volunteer employees, who have been selected by Union and Management, are given specialized training to assist, advise and refer their co-workers to appropriate professionals or agencies. Additionally, CSC has established retainer contracts with firms who offer immediate, high quality, short-term counseling services to respond to the different needs of employees.

The issue of a 1-800 number has previously been discussed with members of the National EAP Advisory Committee and representatives from the regions. This concept of a toll free number does not receive support of the USGE and the field as it is seen as having the potential to jeopardize the current program, which is functioning well.