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Recommendations Of The Coroner's Inquest Into The Death Of Robert Gentles

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38. It is recommended that the Union of Solicitor General Employees, with the support of CSC, encourage its members to report any illegal acts or harassment, as their obligations as peace officers should take priority over labour solidarity.


Harassment awareness training is already mandatory for all CSC staff members and it is hoped that such training will encourage staff members to come forward with such issues as they occur.

To reinforce this message, CSC supports making this item a standing item on all Labour Management Meetings at the institutional, regional and national levels.

CSC will ensure that this item is included at Labour Consultation Meetings with USGE and PIPSC. With the support from the national level, a communiqué will be issued by the Assistant Commissioner Personnel and Training to ensure that this item becomes a standing item at all levels of consultation committees.

In addition, CSC already has in place a booklet entitled "Standards of Professional Conduct" which, in part, is designed to provide direction to staff in dealing with difficult or ethical decisions. In the Commissioner's Introduction to this document, the requirement of staff to act ethically is emphasized:

"The primary emphasis of the Standards of Professional Conduct is on promoting ethical behaviour consistent with the Mission. It recognizes that corrections is a complex field which frequently presents an employee with difficult practical and ethical decisions. The principles set out in the Standards of Professional Conduct are intended to guide staff in situations where the right course of action may not always be clear."

Staff who fail to abide by these Standards, including actions where they fail to report illegal acts or acts of harassment, would be subject to disciplinary action under CSC's Code of Discipline.