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Recommendations Of The Coroner's Inquest Into The Death Of Robert Gentles

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39. It is recommended that all log book entries be read daily by unit managers and the I.P.S.O. so that action plans and necessary follow-up can be established when required. There must be feedback to the reporting officer.


CSC supports the importance of the sharing of security information with the appropriate staff members within the institution. The responsibility for the reporting and recording of such information is one that all staff members are accountable for in accordance with Commissioner's Directive 620 on "Reporting and Recording of Security Information."

The sharing of such security information is accomplished by a variety of mechanisms such as pre-shift briefings of all staff during which time relevant security and inmate behavioral issues are discussed.

The logbooks referred to in the recommendation are one source of security information. However, these logs generally record routine events and observations, which transpire on the various inmate ranges during shifts. The logbooks will record such items as time meals were served; whether inmates refused their meals; times of lock ups etc. Owing to the nature of this information, it is not viewed as either practical, or necessary, for these logs to be read by Preventive Security Officers and Unit Managers on a daily basis. They should, however, be read by the Correctional Supervisors. Unit managers periodically review the logs as their schedule permits.

More significant security issues are recorded by officers on Observation Reports which are routinely forwarded to the Preventive Security Officers for information and necessary follow-up action, as well as being discussed at daily institutional operations meetings with Correctional Supervisors and Unit Managers. These managers shall ensure that the reporting officer receives appropriate feedback.