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Recommendations Of The Coroner's Inquest Into The Death Of Robert Gentles

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4. A fully qualified nurse, doctor, or paramedic be present during all IERT and non-IERT cell extractions for non-compliant inmates. The attending Health Care professional must be adequately equipped to handle possible medical emergencies and must perform a health check of the inmate immediately following the restraint, and prior to removal.


CSC's policy requires that all inmates be examined by Health Care Professionals in any situation where force has been used. This requirement is contained in Commissioner's Directive #605 "Use of Force" and requires that any inmate who has been subject to force be "examined as soon as possible by health care personnel and provided with treatment as required." Compliance with this is achieved through the requirement of the Health Care Officer to sign the Use of Force form indicating that such examination and treatment has, in fact, been provided. These reports are forwarded to the institutional head.

Having Health Care Professionals physically present during the actual extraction is viewed as impractical from both a safety and resourcing perspective. Procedures do, however, exist both to minimize the likelihood of, and to react to, any medical emergencies. Included are the following: