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Recommendations Of The Coroner's Inquest Into The Death Of Robert Gentles

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47. It is recommended that reports (i.e. Use of Force and Situation Reports) be filled out immediately following an incident. Appropriate disciplinary action should be taken if this is not done.


CSC concurs that required reports should be completed immediately following an incident unless extenuating circumstances, such as a medical emergency, prevent an officer from doing so. Procedures for the completion of these forms contain the requirement for completion after an incident, and no later than the end of the officer's shift. Failure to follow such a procedure would be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with CSC's Code of Discipline.

It should be noted, however, that any such report written by the officer should contain the proviso that it can be amended (only as an addendum to the original report) should the officer's recall of events changes after the original report is written. This requirement results from studies by law enforcement psychologists who advise that cognitive, sensory and perceptual distortions, and omissions of memory are a possibility in the immediate aftermath of a serious incident.