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Recommendations Of The Coroner's Inquest Into The Death Of Robert Gentles

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49. It is recommended that a room be made available at the time of an incident within every institution (i.e. cafeteria, chapel, etc.) for the preparation of reports concerning serious incidents. This room must be supervised during the preparation of those reports by the institutional head or his designate. It is further recommended that a record be kept of those preparing and invigilating the reports.


CSC provides appropriate space for officers to write reports in the aftermath of a serious incident. Often, several rooms are required for this purpose depending on the nature of the incident and the number of staff members involved.

Staff are trained, and expected to conduct themselves, in a professional manner. Training provided to these staff, as well as post incident briefings, all stress the need for independence in the writing of incident reports. If subsequent investigations, which are completed after all serious incidents, uncover or determine that an officer has submitted an inaccurate report, or colluded with another officer(s), in the preparation of the report, the necessary disciplinary action will be taken.