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Recommendations Of The Coroner's Inquest Into The Death Of Robert Gentles

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51. It is recommended that all persons in the CSC with specific authority who are empowered or required to dispose of complaints, grievances or investigations be able to admit error on the part of, and on behalf of the Correctional Service.


With respect to complaints and grievances, Commissioner's Directive 081 "Offender Complaints and Grievances" was amended 1998-06-22 and now includes the following requirement:

"When errors on the part of CSC are identified during the course of an investigation into a complaint or grievance, an admission to this effect must be included in the written response to the offender."

In all cases where a grievance is upheld, the response includes an admission of error from the CSC respondent. In addition, this is normally accompanied by an apology.

With respect to nationally convened security investigations, findings of the investigations frequently identify shortcomings, or errors, made by CSC staff. In accepting the findings of the investigation team, and in making publicly accessible these investigation reports, CSC does openly acknowledge errors that have been made.