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Recommendations Of The Coroner's Inquest Into The Death Of Robert Gentles

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55. It is recommended that the Warden and Deputy Warden at Kingston Penitentiary be left in place for a minimum of a three year term. CSC should consider instituting a system of financial incentives for Warden's and Deputy Wardens to stay in their jobs at difficult posts like Kingston Penitentiary.


CSC supports the concept of stability for senior level positions within all CSC institutions, including Kingston Penitentiary. We further suggest that such a need for stability extends beyond that of the Warden and Deputy Warden to include other managers and staff who occupy senior positions within the institution. Among these latter would be Correctional Supervisors and Unit Managers who play key roles in the day to day operations of the institution and who deal most directly with the inmate population.

Certainly a three - year minimum term would provide time for increased stability within a particular institution, however, there are no provisions, legal or otherwise, which CSC could use to require managers to stay for that specified period.

CSC has no authority to institute financial incentives for Executives.